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Accounting of labeled commodity

Who will be affected by mandatory labeling requirements?

  • Manufacturers and importers will be required to affix a digital code on goods and record it in Chestniy Znak system
  • Logistics companies and wholesalers will be required to record information about the movement of goods in the chain  
  • Retailers will be required to record the receipt of goods and withdrawal from the system when sold to end customers

Deployment stages

  1. Software selection and configuration for each business process
  2. Process optimization
  3. Infrastructure improvement and selection of labeling equipment 
  4. Development of internal regulations
  5. Staff training
  6. Integration with labeling system Chestniy Znak directly or through ERP
    1. Optimization of warehouse operation
    2. Process optimization
    3. Traceability of movement of goods in all areas
    4. Reduction in number of errors
  7. Risk analysis and prevention
Accounting of labeled commodity - IT system deployment stages
Marked goods IT systems - Changes in business processes

Changes to business processes

  • Manufacturing
  • Import
  • Acceptance and shipment. Shipping and acceptance process
  • Universal transfer document generation (electronic consignment note)
  • Goods verification and universal transfer document signing with electronic digital signature and dispatch to Chestniy Znak system
  • Change of owner of goods recorded in system
  • Sale via cash register
  • Storage
  • Labeling of left-over stock


Enhanced electronic digital signature, agreement with electronic document management (EDM) operator. Options for working with operators:

  1. Web interface
  2. Accounting or cash register software – integration of accounting system with EDM operator
  3. Acceptance of universal transfer document at cash register, labeling verification, then signing or notification of necessary document correction
EDM options for labelled goods

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