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Electronic document management

Advantages of electronic document management

Electronic document management is convenient because it offers a number of advantages.

  • Cost-cutting. The delivery of paperwork affects directly how quickly transactions are completed. Document management costs can reach up to hundreds of thousands of rubles per year, and the risks of errors, loss and tax penalties further increase these costs.
  • Contract execution is quicker, and this is handy if payment needs to be received on the date of contract receipt.
  • Interaction with major partners. Large companies increasingly use electronic document management and request their partner to do the same.

Yet it can be difficult for companies to assess whether it is worth switching to electronic document management and how to do it. We can help with such assessment as well as switching to electronic document management.

Counterparty analysis

  • We find out how many documents a year a client exchanges with each of its counterparties;
  • We check to which electronic document management operators client customers and suppliers are connected and how often they use electronic document management;
  • We determine whether or not it is worth switching to electronic document and which system is better to select.

Help in setting up electronic document management system

  • We modify 1С module to work with electronic document management;
  • We provide a description of business processes and help assign roles: who will draw up, approve and sign documents. We then estimate the costs of buying electronic signatures;
  • We negotiate with the largest counterparties and assess their willingness to switch to receiving and signing electronic documents;
  • We conduct a pilot launch with several counterparties and assess business process efficiency;
  • We customize 1С;
  • We assist with the introduction of the system to all customers.

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