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Electronic document management

We offer a range of services that simplify as much as possible the introduction of electronic document management (EDM) in companies and include:

  • Analysis of counterparties;
  • Preparation for setting up and approval of conditions by the client and EDM provider;
  • Introduction of amendments to accounting policy;
  • Description of business processes, assistance with role distribution;
  • Introduction of EDM system; 
  • Assistance in setting up exchange with counterparties.
EDM implementation services
Cost saving

Cutting costs

Document delivery directly affects the speed of transactions. Document management expenditure may be hundreds of thousands of rubles per year when many documents need to be handled, while the risks of errors, losses and fines from tax authorities hike up costs even more.

Speeding up contract execution

EDM is particularly useful when it is important to receive payment on the day of contract conclusion.
Large company

Liaising with major partners

Nowadays large companies are increasingly using EDM and require the same from their partners.

Our EDM services

EDM, analysis of counterparties

Analysis of counterparties

At the request of clients, we can conduct an analysis of counterparties. This analysis entails: 

  • Determining how many documents the client exchanges with each counterparty per year;
  • Checking the EDM operators to which customers and suppliers are connected and how actively they use EDM;
  • Negotiating with major counterparties and assessing whether they are willing to switch to electronic documents;
  • Drawing a conclusion on whether it is practical to switch to EDM and which system is better to choose.

Setting up EDM system

  • We modify a 1С module to work in the EDM system;
  • If necessary, we describe the business process, help with role distribution, i.e. who will be draw up, approve and sign documents. We then estimate how much it will cost to purchase electronic signatures;
  • We prepare guidelines for EDM system users;
  • We proceed with a pilot launch with several contractors and evaluate the business process performance;
  • We finalize the project in 1С;
  • We provide support upon introduction of EDM, including testing of roaming with other providers;
  • We help putting in place exchange with all customers.
Setting up EDM system

Contact us

We know that companies that want to introduce and work with EDM have a lot of questions. We would be pleased to tell you in more detail how EDM works, how to switch to this system and what services we provide, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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