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Automation of incoming invoice processing

Invoice processing

  • Receipt
  • Scanning and recognition
  • Verification
  • Data transfer to DocuForce
  • Finalization
  • Approval
  • Payment
  • Archiving
  • Accounting entries

If necessary, additional actions may be added and performed at any of these stages.

Automatic invoice processing procedure step by step DocuForce
DocuForce - reliable and secure solution for automatic invoice processing

Reliability and control

  • Budget control by limits, cost items, and owners
  • Flexible configuration of approval routes
  • Minimization of manual input at all stages eliminates errors
  • Complete history of actions with all documents

Integration with other accounting systems

  • DocuForce is synchronized with accounting systems (integration with 1С provided)
    Connection with original documents is maintained in 1С
  • Automatic creation of payment orders
  • Can be configured through REST API if necessary
  • A large number of PDF and photo invoices can be processed continuously

Mobile app on Google Play

1C Integration options

Subscription – Easy 100

  • 100 documents per month
  • 5 users
  • Data retrieval from PDF, Excel, and photo
  • Basic routing settings

Subscription – Easy 200

  • 200 documents per month
  • 8 users
  • Data retrieval from PDF, Excel, and photo
  • Advanced routing settings

User connections and document processing over the set limit for each subscription are available for a fee for each additional user and document.

Deployment is completed within 1-3 weeks.

Additional services

  • Installing and configuring DocuForce
  • Configuring integration with other accounting systems
  • Adapting DocuForce rules and policies to the company’s business processes
  • Setting up budget limits and approval chains
  • Ongoing maintenance services, consulting, and technical support


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