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Dispute Resolution

Like many other areas of legal services provision in Russia, dispute resolution is also being reformed now. Over the past two years the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation was abolished and its jurisdiction was transferred to the Supreme Court. As a result, the litigation system and practice have become a bit more unclear for companies doing business in Russia.

We are also expecting at the end of this year and early next year a reform of state commercial courts. New federal laws regulating domestic arbitration, and to some extent, international arbitration seated in Russia should be enacted soon.

The new laws

  • establish whether or not corporate disputes may be arbitrated, as well as certain restrictions;
  • make a clearer distinction between permanent arbitral institutions and ad hoc tribunals and
  • regulate accreditation of Russian permanent arbitral institutions introduced by the Russian government

It goes without saying that in this rapidly changing environment, companies should seek advice from professionals in the relevant field.

Our Experience in Dispute Resolution

Accountor Russia has the luxury of counting among its staff 5 dispute resolution lawyers. These litigation lawyers not only have in-depth knowledge of law and regulatory requirements, but they also are fluent in various foreign languages and understand their customers’ business culture. They work in different industries and draw from their expertise and extensive experience gained in various sectors such as construction, trade, IT solutions, retail, service production and many others.

Our portfolio of court and out-of-court disputes includes but is not limited to: property disputes, tax disputes, business reputation cases, corporate disputes, commercial and contractual disputes, bankruptcy proceedings, as well as consumer claims and product or service quality cases.

Working on clients’ cases, we elaborate and implement a proactive dispute resolution strategy considering all case aspects and anticipating the potential positions of all possible parties.

When we represent our clients’ interests in all types of courts at different judicial levels, we do not apply a cookie-cutter approach, but devise specific solutions to meet each client’s particular needs. My colleagues and I personally research and prepare evidence thoroughly, proactively working with each client.

We pay particular attention to out-of-court tax disputes and court cases against tax authorities. We have gained valuable experience in this field, working in close cooperation with our colleagues from accounting, payroll and HR administration outsourcing departments.

Once a court decision is rendered, we assist our clients with enforcement proceedings applying the most effective techniques.

The expertise of our litigation team has grown so much over the last three years that it has gained a great reputation in debt collection litigation for providing value-added approach and depth of competence.

So, whether you are seeking injunctive relief or debt collection, do not hesitate to call us and meet our strong litigators who efficiently represent and fight for their clients’ rights in courts throughout Russia.

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