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Development of internal regulations

Our lawyers provide a full range of services for preparing all the internal regulations necessary for company operations:

  • Assessing needs, requirements as well as reviewing employment contracts and agreements;
  • Advising on the preparation of internal regulations;
  • Approving and preparing draft internal regulations;
  • Providing support during inspections/checks and disputes.
Наши юристы готовы оказать полный комплекс услуг по подготовке пакета всех внутренних ЛНА, необходимых для работы компании: •	Анализ потребностей, трудовых договоров и соглашений •	Консультации по подготовке ЛНА •	Согласование и подготовка проектов ЛНА •	Поддержка при проверках и спорах

Full range of services for development of internal regulations

Услуги по разработке ЛНА
We develop internal regulations to protect employer interests
Экспертиза ЛНА для бизнеса в РФ
We minimize the risks of labor disputes with employees
Соответствие ЛНА требованиям закона
We ensure compliance with all requirements of the law and state authorities

Preparation of mandatory internal regulations

  • Staffing table
  • Internal work regulations
  • Salary regulations
  • Order approving pay slip form 
  • Personal data policy
  • Health and safety regulations
  • Vacation schedule
  • Health and safety regulations 
  • Regulations on special assessment of working conditions

Consultation and preparation of conditionally mandatory internal regulations

  • Bonus regulations
  • Business trip regulations
  • Certification regulations 
  • Trade secret regulations
  • Rotational work regulations
  • Access control instructions and regulations 
  • Job descriptions
  • Internal regulations as required by industry-specific laws (for certain types of activities)

Transfer to remote work – consultation and preparation of internal regulations

  • Employment contracts and additional agreements;
  • Orders for transfer to remote work;
  • Internal regulations necessary to switch to electronic document management
  • Other internal regulations depending on the region and the nature of the company’s operation.

Development of internal regulations for resumption of work under COVID-19.

Preparation of internal regulations governing the safe functioning of organizations under COVID-19 in accordance with regional requirements and organizations’ industry-specific operations.

Additional documents for resumption of work under COVID-19

For immediate resumption of work, companies may need:

  • Administrative order for work resumption 
  • Internal regulations on employee compliance with sanitary and epidemiological rules
  • Internal regulations on remote work
  • Notification of work resumption to regional authorities
  • Additional agreements with employees for new (or temporary) working conditions
  • Documents for mandatory health and safety training 
  • Orders for temporary transfer to remote work due to coronavirus
  • Register of employee details to be forwarded to the Social Insurance Fund
  • Other documents depending on the region, the company’s activity and relationships with employees

For more information on safety requirements and necessary documentation for work resumption under COVID, please click on the link.

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