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New monthly report to Pension Fund on form SZV-TD from 2020

Employers will be required from the new year to submit reports on work life of employees (“SZV-TD report”) to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. This report is related to electronic employment record books and will become part of the new electronic document management between employers and the Pension Fund.

This new SZV-TD report will need to be submitted monthly no later than the 15th of the month following the reporting month 

Information about the work life of employees will be specified in this report based on orders and other HR documents issued for employees. SZV-TD reports will be filled out and submitted for all employees (including those working part-time or holding a second job) with whom employment relations have been entered into, terminated, or have been subject to other HR changes.

From 2021 onwards, employers will also be required to send reports the day after HR changes occur, and fines will be imposed for failure to comply with this rule. 

The report form is quite simple and should be easy to fill out. One of the other mandatory information that should be provided in addition to HR changes is the training completed during employment, i.e. qualification courses, retraining, staff training, etc.

Employees will also be able to view these reports which can be requested in electronic or paper form from the Pension Fund, multipurpose center for provision of state services and employers.