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Transfer pricing seminar

Transfer pricing seminar 2019

Accountor held transfer pricing seminars on April 04 and 09, 2019 in St. Petersburg and Moscow.
Ekaterina Zelenina, Accountor CEO, greeted the seminar attendees and moderated the events.

Olga Mazina, Director of Tax Consulting and Audit at Accountor. Olga reviewed transfer pricing rules for 2019, court practice and also gave recommendations on how to minimize the risk of sanctions from tax authorities and justify transfer prices. Olga also spoke about the requirements for three-tiered documentation that international groups of companies have to prepare and submit.

Dmitry Bespalov, IT Director at Accountor. Dmitry spoke about solutions for transfer pricing automation, how such automation works at Accountor and what other companies can also do in this field.

Olga Mazina. Transfer pricing seminar