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Webinar. Specific aspects of remote work and recommendations for employers based on case law

On March 17, 2021  Anna Reznikova, Head of legal practice in Labor & Migration at Accountor Russia, held the webinar on Specific aspects of remote work as part of the changes that have come into force. Recommendations for employers based on case law. Anna addressed the following issues at this webinar:

  1. Remote work, its advantage for employers, types of remote work, and duration;
  2. Hiring a remote worker: what should be considered when drawing up an employment contract, familiarization with the employer’s internal regulations;
  3. Particular aspects of temporary transfer of employee to remote work when the employee is switched to remote work by the employer;
  4. Practical recommendations for organizing the work of remote workers and interacting with the employer;
  5. Health and safety for remote workers;
  6. What should be considered when terminating employment contracts;
  7. Review of current answers to questions considering remote work practice.

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