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HR audit

HR audit is an independent review of HR records for compliance with labor laws, internal regulations and company policy. Such review is required:

  • If the company is to be inspected by labor authorities;
  • If the person responsible for HR recordkeeping leaves the company;
  • To eliminate financial, legal and reputational risks that could arise for the company.
HR audit
HR audit benefits

Audit benefits

We check

  • The availability of required HR documents and their correctness;
  • How HR documentation is prepared, approved, recorded and stored.


  • We identify non-compliance with the requirements of Russian law;
  • We assess the optimality of HR department organizational structure;
  • We verify the correctness of payments to employees and calculation of average earnings;
  • We reduce the volume of HR documents;
  • We eliminate financial, legal and reputational risks.

Documentation we check in HR audit

Review of the company’s internal regulations

Objective: determining that mandatory internal regulations are available and that the basic points in internal documents comply with the provisions of the Russian Labor Code.
Audit items: Internal Work Regulations, Salary Policy and Personal Data Policy (consent for processing), Business Trip Regulations.

HR orders (sample review)

Objective: determining that primary HR documents are kept in compliance with standard documents, that they are signed, recorded and stored.
Audit items: hiring, transfer, dismissal orders, personal record card Т-2, vacation and promotion orders. Overtime orders, all types of applications.

Employment record books/Employment record book log

Objective: determining that they are available, maintained and stored.
Audit items: current employees’ employment record books (sample review), checking the signatures of dismissed employees.

Employment contracts/additional agreements

Objective: determining that they are available, maintained and stored.
Audit items: mandatory details; verifying guarantees against internal regulations, order (hiring, transfer).

Log of orders, employment contracts

Objective: determining that they are available, maintained and stored.
Audit items: hiring, dismissal, transfer, business trip, vacation and promotion.

Vacation schedule

Objective: determining that it is available, maintained, stored and completed as per actual vacations.
Audit items: vacation schedule in line with staffing table, verification of balance of unused vacation days (sample review).

Staffing table

Objective: determining that it is available, maintained, stored.
Audit items: comparative check of table data with timesheet, making changes for employee selection.


Objective: determining that it is available, maintained, stored.
Audit items: comparative check of  timesheet data with staffing table, schedules (if any), orders, making changes for employee selection.

Sick notes

Objective: checking availability (comparative check).
Audit items: checking insurance qualifying period.

Civil law contracts and statements

Objective: availability, storage.
Audit items: checking periodicity, regularity, continuity of conclusion of civil law contracts for compliance with Civil Code rules to avoid recognition of civil law contracts as employment contracts.

Employee files

Objective: availability of necessary documents.
Audit items: checking availability of regulations on employee files; comparative check with regulations.

Personal data

Objective: availability of mandatory forms in compliance with federal law.
Audit items: personal data documentation.

Stages of provision of HR audit services

  1. Collection background information, questionnaire filling out;
  2. Assessment of amount of work required for HR audit;
  3. Approval of work and fee, contract conclusion;
  4. HR audit;
  5. Discussion of audit report, recommendations, correction of errors.

Next steps

After completion of HR audit, we can also:

  • Restore HR documentation, develop procedures and policies;
  • Provide support during labor inspection.

We also offer HR record management services.

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