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Recruitment services for accounting and financial departments

Good employees are one of the keys to business success. Thanks to our experience in accounting, finance and consulting, we are able to find, assess and recruit the best candidates in the following professional fields: 

  • Accounting;
  • Finance and taxation;
  • Banking and investment.
Recruitment services
Recruitment services job examples


We recruit professionals for all levels, from junior to top level:

  • Accountants for various accounting areas;
  • Chief accountant and deputy chief accountant;
  • Financial manager/controller;
  • Economists, analysts, auditors, etc.;
  • Head of Planning and Financial Department;
  • CFO.




We observe confidentiality rules at all stages


We study our clients’ business and their needs whether their business is large, medium or small
Collaborative work


We keep our clients informed at all – including intermediate – stages, and together we make the necessary adjustments as and when required

How are we different from recruitment agencies?

  • Industry specialization. Accountor is one of the leading consulting companies in Russia in the field of financial and accounting outsourcing. We perfectly understand the ins and outs of the work entailed in this field;
  • Own candidate pool. Our own candidate pool constantly grows and is constantly updated. Over the years, we have built a wide network of industry contacts;
  • Comprehensive assessment of candidates’ professional skills. Addressing the issues of internal recruitment, we have come up with a system that allows assessing candidates’ skills thoroughly. The final decision is made by a practicing expert in the field of accounting and finance.
How are we different from recruitment agencies

Recruitment process

  1. We review our clients’ needs in details. We prepare a detailed description of the vacancy and list candidate requirements together with our clients;
  2. We consider what is offered on the labor market and identify suitable candidates; 
  3. We check whether potential candidates match our clients’ requirements;
  4. We interview candidates and select the most suitable ones;
  5. We forward candidate resumes to our clients together with the information we found out during the interview;
  6. We assess the candidates’ professional skills;
  7. We help selecting the most suitable candidate from the final shortlist.

At our clients’ request, we can also verify the professional skills of any candidates they found themselves (online tests on accounting, taxation, reporting, interview after the test, report to clients on test results and recommendations for selection among several candidates).

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