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Accountor Hjärnfonden

Accountor supports Hjärnfonden - The Swedish Brain Foundation

This exceptional year Accountor supports mental health via Hjärnfonden, The Swedish Brain Foundation.

Instead of Christmas gifts at Christmas time we at Accountor in recent years have donated money to a charity. Last Christmas, Accountorians chose to support Childhood Cancer Organizations in all countries as a common cause at Accountor, in Sweden Barncancerfonden.

This year, both Accountorians and our customers had the opportunity to influence which charity we should donate money to.

The choice was between the Red Cross, Save the Children, Baltic Sea Action Group and a local organisation supporting mental health.

It has been an exceptional year due to corona, and the pandemic impact on society has brought worry, anxiety and stress for many and that mental ill health has increased. So we think it feels very good that we, together with our customers, have chosen to influence the work with mental illness by supporting Hjärnfonden. The vision of Hjärnfonden is that noone should have to suffer from diseases, injuries or disabilities in the brain, which also applies to mental illness.

There are several brain diseases that affect many - and that currently lack a cure, where depression is one.

Hjärnfonden is a non-profit fundraising foundation without state support. The foundation's task is to collect and distribute money for research and provide information about the entire brain and all its diseases, injuries and disabilities.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2021! - Stay safe!