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Skatteverket prio 2020

Areas and industries the Swedish Tax Agency will check in 2020

The Swedish Tax Agency. Every year, the Swedish Tax Agency selects some areas and industries that are additionally checked to reduce mistakes, errors and fraud. Things that have a negative impact on society. Among other things, this year they have chosen to prioritise private costs and unreported benefits. Four out of ten companies make errors regarding private costs and unrecognised benefits, which are estimated to cost around 8 billion per year.

The areas that the Swedish Tax Agency will be prioritising this year are:

  • private costs and unrecognised benefits
  • the cleaning and transport industry
  • identity-related fraud
  • international checks and money laundering

The Swedish Tax Agency 's checks of private costs and unrecognised benefits

Cars and properties with high preferential and taxable values and which are company-owned are being reviewed this year. Private costs such as renovations, travel and boats will also be checked.

Undeclared work in the cleaning and transport industry is a priority

Undeclared work, but also illegal labour, incorrect invoices and false wage data in the cleaning and transport industry will be subject to extra checks during the year. This is being used to detect, prevent and reduce these crimes.

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Identity-related fraud and international checks

Identity-related fraud is prioritised by the Swedish Tax Agency to reduce incorrect payments from the welfare system. Identity fraud may be use of false employment certificates and incorrect national registration. Approximately 300 criminal reports have been made by the Swedish Tax Agency since the national registration violation was introduced.

Work to prevent money laundering continues. The Money Laundering Act was tightened with the fifth directive, which came out on 1 January this year. In international taxation, the focus is on sham emigration and the holding of endowment insurance. The Swedish Tax Agency cooperates with other authorities to reduce these crimes and prevent crime.

These crimes may be deliberate, but they can also often occur because of ignorance. If you are unsure about tax rules regarding your company, please contact our tax advisors. Accountor's tax advisors will help you with tax advice in Swedish and international tax legislation. As an entrepreneur, you have much to gain from following the developments in legislation. The regulations are not only complex and changeable, but if they are used correctly they can give you many opportunities as well. Our tax consultants will help you.

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