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Osaamisen ja koulutuspalveluiden vienti NetSuite

Learn more about the new laws and rules that apply from July 1.

The ceiling for the Rot and RUT deductions is temporarily increased.

Separate ceilings for the Rot and RUT deduction are also temporarily introduced. For the 2024 tax year, the new ceilings for the standard deduction and the box deduction are SEK 75,000 per person.

Compensation for persons born in 1957

A tax-free compensation is given to persons born in 1957. This is because the age limit for taking part in the increased basic deduction is raised.

New law on the obligation to provide information

The purpose of the law is to counteract incorrect payments from welfare systems as well as cheating, rule violations, and crime in working life.

Developed declaration of employer contributions

The government will make it easier for authorities to use information from declarations of employer contributions to check benefit fraud.

Information on sick pay no longer to be declared in employer contributions

The provisions on compensation for high sick pay costs in the Sick Pay Act are repealed. The Swedish Tax Agency will no longer collect personal data on behalf of the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and then credit the relevant compensation to the employer's tax account.

Read more about the new laws and regulations on the Swedish Tax Agency's website (only available in Swedish).