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In respect of the coronavirus (covid-19) Accountor have preparedness to keep delivering our services

Accountor take responsibility for preventing spread of the covid-19 virus and for our employees' safety, health and well-being. We are closely following the development and the guidelines that the authorities provide concerning Corona (covid-19).

Accountor is prepared to cope with potential absenteeism and possible quarantine of our staff. We are organised in teams and thus have backups when employees are sick and on vacation. We have the possibility to work remotely (ie from home, another Accountor office or another location). In addition, we can to some extent shift work / personnel between our eight offices in Sweden.

Accountor has taken a number of preventive measures to minimize the impact of the corona virus. Among other thing Accountor have currently a quarantine policy for employees who have been abroad or been in contact with people in affected areas. Or that feel sick.

We work to the extent possible, from a distance, using phone and holding digital meetings. We limit our business travel to the greatest extent possible to minimize risks and spread of infection

Support from Accountor

Our clients are of outmost importance and we are aware that many will be affected by the consequences of the corona virus's progress. In addition to our usual delivery, we will make every effort to support our clients in all ways we can. Whether it's with more frequent liquidity reports or HR related issues. We hope that our clients do not hesitate to contact us, whatever questions arise.

Support from the Swedish government

We keep ourselves updated regarding the Government's measures.

The extra spring change budget presented by the Swedish Government on 11/3 contains proposals for short-term work as well as a temporary removal of the qualifying deduction when sick. We follow this development closely and will clarify when there is more information available.

Accountor will update this information continuously.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the CEO of Accountor in Sweden, Magnus Högvall, .