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"Everything works well, we on Vaadin can rely on Accountor"

About Jurka

I'm an enthusiastic person, always willing to influence and improve things. In addition to working at Vaadin, I have a family with a wife and three kids, I'm writing PhD. thesis and compete actively in dance sports. This way the life certainly doesn't get boring.

My hobbies: Ballroom dance sports, running, cross-country skiing and diving

My favorite music: I have a broad appetite, but mostly I'm leaning towards metal and rock

My favorite media: News sites

My education: M.Sc. in computer science, preparing PhD thesis as a hobby project.

Jurka's opinion about the relationship

Why, when and how did you start the co-operation?

Practically from the beginning of the company history, I guess 2000 or 2001. Accountor was recommended and had a good reputation.

What are the main reasons to work with Accountor?

Good personal relations with the current accountant, excellent web based accounting system

How should Accountor fulfill their brand promise: passion for results?

Invest more in the web based system development, online makes the results.

What are the most important factors to build a good relationship with Accountor?

Good personal relationships, constant improvement of the services

What kind of results have you received?

Everything works well, we can rely on Accountor. That's a pretty rare result, I'd say.

Do you measure or follow up the partnership? (KPI)

There have been practically no errors. The primary measurement is how fast the bookkeeping is done after the month change.

Do you plan to deepen the partnership?

We'd like to start using the web based payroll system, but it hasn't been available so far.

How could Accountor develop its services?

Web based payroll.

About Vaadin

Vaadin is a Java framework for building modern web applications that look great, perform well and make you and your users happy.

Vaadin is the largest open source product company in the Nordics. Our main product, the Vaadin Framework is experiencing a rapid worldwide adoption, and our customer base includes some the largest companies all over the world.