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The Stockholm regional office for the Social Democrats maintains control even though getting assistance with payroll and accounting

Get help with payroll and accounting

The general challenge that the Stockholm regional office for the Social Democrats (the Stockholm Social Democratic Party District) faces is that their workload is uneven throughout the year and also varies from year to year, depending on whether it is election year, and this also applies to their financial work. Lena, a finance assistant at the Stockholm regional office for the Social Democrats, talks about the office’s collaboration with Accountor, which started in December 2013.

It is great that Accountor has expertise in payroll and accounting and that they keep an aye on new rules

The Stockholm regional office for the Social Democrats has a regular workforce of 10 employees, but this also varies periodically. We recently went through a period where we had election years several years in a row; there have been EU elections, Church elections and general elections. This has meant that there has been a lot do over the last few years, with the addition of temporary employees and a lot of different fees, salaries and invoices. “Things vary significantly throughout the year, which is why Accountor is such a great help”, says Lena. “The great thing about outsourcing is that Accountor has the expertise and keeps an eye on things. It means that I don’t have to know everything, and I can take a step back and let Accountor do what needs to be done”. And it is because Accountor has the knowledge, expertise, and always keeps track of new holiday and tax rules along with other rules that makes Lena really appreciate what we do. Lena says that from her own point of view, she really needs to be in control, and even though Accountor does a lot of the job, she has good insight into what they are doing and has a good overview.

A flexible and responsive partner

Accountor has been a payroll and accounting partner for the Stockholm regional office for the Social Democrats for six years. With the fluctuation in the workload, conditions are constantly changing. When we need to make changes, Accountor is a very flexible and responsive partner. When we want to increase or decrease the amount of help we need, it is never a problem.

It is important to have good communication with those I work with

Lena emphasizes the importance of having a well-functioning collaboration, where partners have confidence in one another and maintain a dialogue. And with Accountor, things have worked well from the start.

“From time to time, things have clashed a little with individual consultants, but even here, Accountor has been quick and responsive and addressed the issue by changing consultants”.

“A big advantage is that Accountor is so professional that I don't need to know everything myself, and I can always turn to them if there is anything I need to know. And they are always quick to respond”, says Lena.

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