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Mobidiag Accountor

Focused and engaged in us as a client

Industry: Biotech
Owner type: Private limited company
Services at Accountor: Accounting and payroll administration
Turnover: SEK 3 million
Number of employees: 1
Cities: Stockholm
Customer of Accountor since: 2015


Mobidiag is a Finnish-owned company active in the biotech industry. The company offers equipment for the diagnosis of infectious diseases for laboratories. The Swedish part of the company is currently operated as a one-man limited company, where Jan Wikstén takes care of everything from sales to administration and customer support. Jan has worked at the company for more than two years.


The problem

When the Swedish company was to be started up, an outsourcing partner was needed so that its own staff could focus on the core business. The company could be operated in Sweden, without knowledge in-house regarding accounting and financial reporting.

The solution

The Finnish parent company had already worked with Accountor and it was natural to continue with Accountor in Sweden. There were also plans to expand to other Nordic countries and Accountor’s presence there is seen as an advantage.

The results

Jan Wikstén explains that he is very satisfied with Accountor as an accounting firm, and with Accountor Online in particular. It is really nice to have a fixed, named contact person who takes care of all of the company’s accounting. “She handles all of the heavy administration with bookkeeping, tax returns, VAT and other matters. Receipts and invoices are scanned in and everything just works on its own and keeps going,” he says.

Jan is also very satisfied with the personal service and how the collaboration is managed. “My contact person at Accountor answers my questions very quickly when it’s needed. I think there’s a very good focus on us as a customer, although we are such a small company. If I compare with an internal accounting department, which I have experience of, I think that everything is managed in a more dynamic way. An internal accounting function often has too little time and unnecessary discussions easily arise if a receipt is lost for instance. Accountor efficiently resolves the situation when it arises. There is a dynamic and flexibility in the cooperation that I appreciate.”

“But the best thing is that with Accountor I actually don’t need to think about the running administrative part of the accounting at all. It saves an incredible amount of time for me so that I can devote myself to sales. For example, I received a paper from the Swedish Tax Agency a while ago. I called my accounting consultant and asked if there was anything I needed to do. ‘No, I’ve already taken care of it’ was the answer. Wonderful. Accountor is always there when I need them.”