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New service from the social insurance fund – electronic user account

We described in a previous article the changes in payments from the Social Insurance Fund as well as the introduction of a new application form.  Two new columns have been added in this updated form to provide information on the duration of qualifying insurance period which should be specified solely based on the data recorded in the Pension Fund of Ukraine (further the “Pension Fund”). Although it was stated that such data must be submitted in the form of Appendix 9, information on this Appendix form and how to obtain it was not provided at once.

The good news is that employers have now access to user accounts on the Pension Fund portal through which they can order Appendix 9 – Certificate of Employment and Insurance Duration and receive it within minutes.  The portal is found at

Employers may access their user account using an electronic digital signature. To obtain Appendix 9, employers need to select “E-document Request” from their account menu and then “Certificate of Employment and Insurance Duration” after which they can complete, sign and send their request to the Pension Fund. The certificate will then be available within minutes in their “Queries” menu.

The procedure for obtaining sick and maternity leave certificates has thus become easier and more transparent.