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In addition to conducting mandatory audits, our specialists can provide shareholders and management with comprehensive information about issues related to internal control, risk management and business performance improvement.

Mandatory audit

If the activities performed by your company meet the criteria set out by Ukrainian law, we can duly prepare all the reporting documents required under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (standards), as well as statutory requirements. We have a dedicated group of specialists applying statutory procedures on behalf of clients. This team also prepares recommendations for optimization of current activities.

Our company is included to the Register of Audit Firms and Auditors of Ukraine.

Voluntary audit

Conducting voluntary audits can confer many benefits to companies. Such audits allow, in particular, minimizing risks and improving business performance. Whatever your objective, our experts will help in selecting the relevant audits and prepare professional recommendations upon completion of the audit. As a result, your business will be more manageable, and you will also be able to cut costs. Not bad, right?

Our audit services in ukraine include:

  • Audit of corporate accounting policies;
  • Audit of internal control system;
  • Audit of payments;
  • Audit of HR documentation;
  • Comprehensive review of financial, tax and legal aspects of corporate activities;
  • We conduct our audits in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards.

We have been conducting audits and comprehensive reviews of international and Ukrainian company activity for many years. Our experts have gained substantial experience working with companies engaged in retail, wholesale trade, manufacture, real estate, B2B-sector, etc. Our clients are multinational companies, medium businesses and private investors with operations in Ukraine. Moreover, given that we are present in seven countries and are the largest supplier of financial and HR services in Northern Europe, we are also regularly involved in numerous international audit projects.

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