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Entry visas to Ukraine may be issued in Ukraine

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 368 dated March 06, 2019 has amended the rules for issuance of entry visas to and transit through Ukraine. The purpose of this resolution is to make possible the issuance of long-term visas in Ukraine. These new rules will become effective from June 26, 2019.

These amendments will allow foreign nationals, who can enter Ukraine without visa under Ukrainian law or an international treaty with Ukraine, to get long-term visas in Ukraine rather than travel abroad for this purpose.

Long-term visas are issued by the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2 Velyka Zhytomyrska street, Kiev) as multi-entry visas for 90 days unless otherwise provided by law or an international treaty with Ukraine. It should be noted that long-term visas may be issued in this way exclusively for foreign nationals or stateless persons who can enter Ukraine without visa as provided by Ukrainian law or  an international treaty with Ukraine (this applies, in particular, to citizens of Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, the USA, Japan, etc.; entry regulations for nationals of other countries can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine website) and need to get a long-term visa to:

  • work;
  • participate in international technical assistance projects;
  • work in representative offices of foreign business entities in Ukraine;
  • engage in cultural, scientific, educational activities, participate in international and regional volunteer programs or be involved in activity of organizations and institutions engaging volunteers;
  • as founders and/or participants and/or beneficial owners (controllers) of a legal entity registered in Ukraine with a stakhare of at least EUR 100,000 in such legal entity.

The documents required for visa application may be submitted and collected not only in person but also by an authorized representative/proxy holder.

A consular fee of UAH 2,550 (about EUR 85, i.e. 150 times the tax exempt minimum individual income) is payable for visa issuance by the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The consular fee for urgent processing of visas or processing outside regular office hours is double the regular fee. As a general rule, visas are issued within 10 working days, and if processed urgently, within 5 working days of the date of receipt of the required documents.

It should be noted that these amendments do not apply to visas for nationals from countries as listed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine as well as for stateless persons permanently residing in the listed countries such as, in particular, the Russian Federation, Egypt, Vietnam, etc. Visas for such persons will be issued as previously by a diplomatic mission of Ukraine abroad in the country of temporary or permanent residence of visa applicants after a personal interview with foreign nationals or stateless persons and approval of Ukrainian state authorities empowered to make a decision on prohibiting entry to Ukraine within framework of visa information and telecommunication system functioning.

The lawyers at Accountor Kiev look forward to providing expert advice and appropriate legal support for drafting and filing of documents for obtaining entry visa in Kiev as a separate service, as well as within the framework of services for obtaining work permit and temporary residence permit.