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Outsourcing for International Technical Assistance Projects

Every year, more and more international technical assistance projects are implemented in Ukraine. Launching a project is a multistage process.
The services Accountor Ukraine provides for projects implementers are:

Controlled foreign companies in Russia

Legal Support:

• State registration: getting the project registered at the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
• Accreditation of the Implementer
• Registration of a Representative Office of the donor institution in Ukraine (if necessary)
• Drafting contracts between the development partner and contractor/recipient
• Drafting contracts between subcontractors and the contractor/recipient
• Helping foreign implementers obtain the Taxpayer Identification Code and get registered as USC payer
• Helping the implementers exercise their right to receive perks and benefits prescribed by the applicable laws and by international contracts of Ukraine
• Employment assistance for Ukrainian citizens and foreign nationals

Accountor Ukraine handles all formalities and makes sure all deadlines/requirements are met.

Additional Services:

• Notifying the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of changes in procurement plan
• Providing a copy of the annual report to the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with a copy of the annual report
• Legal support for importing of goods into Ukraine
• Appealing the decisions of regulatory authorities

Юридические услуги

Accountor Ukraine also offers:

Accounting services, incl. preparing and filing special reports to tax authorities on behalf of the Implementer/Subcontractor
Personnel issues
HR&Payroll. Management of payroll taxes of the Implementer/Subcontractor of the project
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Recruitment services: competitive selection, conducting interviews, approving candidates

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