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These terms of use supplement the agreement set forth in the client agreement and Accountor's general terms and conditions. These terms of use are applied to customer relationships between Accountor Group (hereinafter the “Service Provider”) and the client (hereinafter the “Client”), which pertain to the Client's service in and right to use the Service Provider's online services (hereinafter the “Service”). In the event of conflict of the terms, the provisions of the client agreement and Accountor’s general terms and conditions will apply.

By using the Service, you commit to these terms of use in the role of a User (hereinafter the “User”).


2.1 User ID and password

The use of the service requires the identification of the Client with credentials, i.e., an identification by BankID or a user ID and password.

The user ID must be personal and unique, whereby we use the e-mail address as the ID.

The password must meet certain complexity requirements. The Service provides assistance in storing the password. Changing and resetting the password can be done through the Service.  

Because of their nature, some of our Services require strong verification for which we provide the tools and instructions according to the Service. If a certain Service we offer requires strong identification (personal identity code), the User must be identified with a strong method before accessing the Service.

The access right to individual Services is specified by our administrator or the client’s administrator.

The access right is personal and applies only to the named User. The Client undertakes to identify the named Users to the extent required by the Service Provider at any time. The Service Provider also has the right to check the Client’s named Users in the Service or a database at any time.

2.2 Rights and obligations pertaining to the use of the Service

The Service Provider has the right, without hearing the User or the Client, to prevent access to a Service or remove information stored in a Service if the Service Provider suspects that unsuitable information is stored in the Service, the use of the Service by other Users may be compromised because of the stored information or these terms of use are violated.

The Client does not have the right to assign, sell or otherwise distribute the right of use of the Service without the Service Provider’s advance written consent.

The Client undertakes to see to it that the Client and all named Users keep their user IDs, passwords and variable passwords carefully and separately from each other. The Client must see to it that the credentials are not disclosed to third parties. If the credentials have become disclosed or the Client has reason to suspect that they may have become disclosed to third parties, the Client must immediately notify the Service Provider in order to prevent the unauthorised use of the Service. The Service Provider has the right to suspend the use of the Service after the Client has given notice of the possible disclosure of the credentials to third parties until new credentials have been implemented.

The Client is responsible for commitments made and other actions taken with the credentials until the Service Provider has received notice of the disclosure of the credentials to third parties and the Service Provider has had reasonable time to prevent the use of the Service.

When provided as required by the Service, the credentials are equivalent to the Client’s signature.

If the User has stored their credentials carelessly or otherwise contributed to the disclosure of the credentials to third parties, the Client is responsible for all damage caused to the Service Provider or third parties thus incurred.

The Client is responsible for the procurement and functioning of the equipment, connections and software and other Service access environment it needs for using the Service. The Client is responsible for protecting its information system and for the telecommunication and other corresponding expenses it has in connection with using the Service. The Client is responsible for making its devices, connections, software and information systems conformant to the operating environment requirements provided by the Service Provider and for the suitability of the Service to the Client’s intended use.

The Client may not allow the use of the Service from a country that is subject to any legal restrictions on technology export or where the use of the Service would be unlawful or would require a permit or assurance of any kind or would impose a liability of obligations on the Service provider, differing from or broader than these terms of use or the laws of Sweden.

The Client is responsible for the use of the Service, the content of the information stored in the Service and data exchange done with the use of the Service.

2.3 Service changes and interruption

The Service Provider attempts to keep the Service continuously accessible but may interrupt the availability of the Service or amend the content of the Service whenever it is deemed necessary. The Service Provider has the right to interrupt the provision of the Service, for example, because of installation, changes, maintenance, security threat, law or official requirement or official instructions.

The Service Provider does not guarantee that the Service is available to the Client without interruption or make any warranties regarding the implementation of services by a third party offering telecommunication or Internet connection services or otherwise affecting the use of the service. The Service Provider aims to provide communication on repair and maintenance breaks as early in advance as possible.


The Service Provider and the Client are responsible for the information security of their own communication networks. Neither party is responsible for the information security of the public Internet or any anomalies that may occur therein or for other factors hindering the use of the Service that are beyond its sphere of influence or the resultant damage.

Each party is responsible for its part for the diligent processing of personal data in compliance with the applicable legislation. Users may verify their personal data via the Service and amend them as necessary to the extent enabled by the Service at any time. The privacy policy of the register based on customer relationships with the Service Provider and other factual relationships describes the processing of personal data in more detail. Upon accepting these terms of use, the Client and User also accept the privacy policy and use in accordance with it.

Each party is obliged to notify the other party without undue delay of significant information security risks, information security breaches or suspicions thereof that they have observed.

The party must, for its part, take immediate action to eliminate or minimise the effect of the information security breach. Special measures necessary for the management of information security risks will be separately agreed upon.

Each party is obliged to contribute to the investigation of information security breaches.


The Service is entirely the property of the Service Provider and/or a third party and may be protected by copyright or other intellectual property right. The User is not given other title to the Service, technology or content than the right of use of the Service expressed in these terms of use. Based on these terms of use, no right is given to use the business names, logos or domain names of the Service Provider or the Service or any other names or identifiers related to the brand. The Service Provider has the unrestricted and gratuitous right to utilise suggestions for improvement, comments or proposals submitted to it.

The Client is responsible for the information stored by the Users in the Service and for its right to utilise the information and for the non-infringement of the information on the rights of third parties or the legislation applicable at any time.

The Client is responsible for all expenses and any claims or demands made against the Service Provider resulting directly or indirectly from the information stored by the Users or from a violation of these terms.

The Service Provider has the right to defend against the above demands at its discretion. The Service Provider has the right to use the information and usage data as described in the privacy policy.


The Service Provider aims to keep the Service accessible continuously and without disturbance. The Service Provider does not, however, guarantee that the Service is accessible without interruption, at the right time or without error.

The Service Provider is not liable for any direct, indirect, immediate or consequential damage resulting from the use of or inability to use a Service or the content therein, or from these terms of use, regardless of whether the damage is based on agreement, infringement, negligence or other grounds and even if the Service Provider had been informed in advance of the possibility of such damage. In all cases, the Service Provider’s liability is limited to the liability set forth in the client agreement and Accountor’s general terms and conditions.


The Service Provider reserves the right to amend these terms as it sees fit, by providing e-mail notice or via a Service. The changes of the terms will become effect after they have been communicated. Use of the service after the time of communication will be considered indication of the Client’s approval of the changes to the terms.


The Client's right of use is valid until further notice. Each party has the right to terminate the right to use a Service immediately without a period of notice. The right to use a service will expire at the latest when the client agreement between the Client and the Service Provider ends.


The use of a service and these terms are governed by the laws of Sweden with the exclusion of the choice of jurisdiction provisions.

The parties attempt to settle disputes through negotiations. If a dispute cannot be settled through negotiations between the parties, it will be settled ultimately, at the Service Provider’s discretion, in a court of law or through arbitration according to the Central Chamber of Commerce’s rules for expedited arbitration proceedings. The venue of the arbitration is Stockholm.