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For us, accounting is not only a daily process, but also an effective tool for making well-adjusted business decisions. We understand all the complexities and challenges associated with it. We also have a wide range of various digital tools to process you data with maximum speed and security.
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Legal Services

We offer legal advice on all aspects of your business. We can get your company registered, draft all the required corporate documents, obtain all the permits, assist you with dispute resolution or help you terminate a business you no longer want.


Looking for an Accountant or a Legal Advisor for your company can be challenging, as you have to check their background and professional knowledge. The recruitment process at Accountor Ukraine includes special skills assessment tests held by our Accounting/Legal Experts.

Why Choose Us?

  • 80 Years of success
  • Full expertise from one source
  • Personal managers
  • Proactive approach
  • Professional Team
  • Professional liability insurance
  • High customer satisfaction level
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Accountor processes the form's personal data to contact you by email and/or by phone. Information on how Accountor processes personal data can be read from Accountor's Privacy statement.