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Accountor uses the tool Due Compliance for customer awareness

Accountor are in Sweden, just like banks and lawyers, legally required to have good customer knowledge and do so through a secured tool called Due Compliance. The customer information must be current and up to date. We therefore need help from our customers to update the information. We are doing so right now via email including a link.

Request sent from

You will receive a request by e-mail from the e-mail address with the heading AML Check Client Feedback Requested For ”your company name” ACCOU-######.  AML is short for the Anti Money Laundering Act and the feedback request comes from us at Accountor, even though it is sent from another domain. With this information we want to assure you that this is not an attempt at phishing.

To ensure that you are the right representative of your company, you need to identify yourself, either with your Bank ID or by uploading a scanned copy of an ID document (which must then be certified by another person). All information we receive about you is covered by confidentiality.

Please be aware of that an email may come from and provide the information required after clicking on the link.


Background information

Anti Money Laundering Act Sweden
Due Compliance