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Skattefri Coronagåva

Areas and industries the Swedish Tax Agency will check in 2021

Areas and industries the Swedish Tax Agency check in 2021. Every year, the Swedish Tax Agency selects some areas and industries that are additionally checked to reduce mistakes, errors and fraud. Things that have a negative impact on society. As a result of the pandemic, the Swedish Tax Agency estimates that income from e-commerce and rental of private homes increased in 2020, therefore the Swedish Tax Agency has chosen to make an extra effort to review these areas. The new deduction for installation of green technology, new RUT services (services performed in or in close proximity to the home) and pandemic support are also examined.

The areas that the Swedish Tax Agency will be prioritising this year are:

  • E-commerce
  • Installation of green technology
  • Pandemic support
  • Rental of private homes
  • New RUT services (services performed in or in close proximity to the home) 

The Swedish Tax Agency control of e-commerce

During the past year, e-commerce has increased significantly and the buying behavior of consumers has changed. The change from shopping in stores to online has meant that traders have had to adapt and offer goods and services online. So also outside Sweden's borders. Of course, this may be due to ignorance, but some errors are intentional in online sales, therefore e-commerce will be examined extra.

Tax reduction when installing green technology

From 1 January 2021, you may receive a tax reduction for the installation of green technology. But it is only work and materials that give the right to a deduction. Not more than 15% for installation of solar cells and 50% for installation of systems for storage of self-produced electricity or installation of charging point for electric vehicles. Cost of equipment and travel in connection with the installation does not entitle to a deduction.

Kvinna outsourcing

Pandemic support from the government

Pandemic support for companies in 2021 are still many and varied. A review took place in 2020 and will continue to be carried out on companies that have received some form of support measure.

Rental of private properties increased in 2020

Many rented out their holiday homes last summer and the rents seem to have been higher than in previous years. If you rent out a private home, tax must be paid on all income in excess of SEK 40,000 plus deductions corresponding to rent. The tax is 30% on the surplus.

The RUT deduction has been extended

Several services have been added for the RUT deduction (a deduction on the cost of services performed in or in close proximity to the home), such as water washing of clothes (not dry cleaning) and simpler supervision of the house such as watering flowers and taking in mail. The ROT deduction (abbreviation for the swedish words for repair, conversion and extension) and the RUT deduction can be a total of no more than SEK 75,000 per person and year. Of that sum, the ROT deduction may amount to a maximum of SEK 50,000.

These crimes may be deliberate, but they can also often occur because of ignorance. If you are unsure about tax rules regarding your company, please contact our tax advisors. Accountor's tax advisors will help you with tax advice in Swedish and international tax legislation. You have a lot to gain from following the developments in legislation. The regulations are not only complex and changeable, but if they are used correctly they can give you opportunities as well. Our tax consultants will help you.