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julgåva stadsmission 2023

This Christmas 2023 Accoutor suppports the poor and homeless in Sweden

Christmas is a time for caring and sharing - this year's Christmas donation from Accountor goes to support the poor and homeless. As in previous years, the Accountor Group vote together with our clients to determine which charity Accountor should support at Christmas time. This years result was that we want to support the poor and the homeless in our community.

Helping people is also in line with Accountor's People First principle. We will help by donating to various organizations that support the poor and homeless in the countries where Accountor is present. In Sweden, the donation goes to Sweden's Stadsmissioner's collection "We fight for those who fight", Sweden's Stadsmissioner support those in Sweden who live in poverty and those who are homeless.

With this, we take the opportunity to wish you seasons greetings. 

Sveriges stadsmissioner