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Together we are committed to a sustainable future – OneTonneFuture

Sustainable future - the climate needs our support, so this year Accountor in Sweden will focus more on sustainability and the environment. As a step in building a climate-smart corporate culture, Accountor introduces OneTonneFuture to the organization. The OneTonneFuture app helps to calculate your personal carbon footprint easily. It helps you understand what it is you do, that affects your CO footprint, and how much. At Accountor, we will use the OneTonneFuture app to challenge each other to make more environmentally friendly choices. There is already a great interest in environmental issues among the employees at Accountor, so we hope that together we can do even more..

Some background

In Sweden, our carbon footprint (CO) is about 7 tonnes per person per year. This is higher than the global average. The Paris Agreement aims to keep the global average temperature rise well below two degrees, preferably below 1.5 degrees. For this to be possible, the average global emissions (CO) need to be a maximum of 1 tonne per person by 2050. Hence the name OneTonneFuture. Moreover, that is what we all need to strive for.

It is a tough target, and if we are to achieve this goal, we must all pull together and start doing things differently. The first step in doing something differently is to understand our own current carbon footprint.

How will Accountor use OneTonneFuture in its work towards a sustainable future?

As the impact is measured on a personal level it is voluntary for our colleagues to get involved, but we hope and believe that we are many who will do this together. We will be able to monitor our climate impact for each office. During the journey, we hope to get more environmental discussions going. We also hope we will advise each other on what we can do better. In addition, many at Accountor are very competitive, so we believe in good results.

Download the app and see your own carbon footprint.