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How Atlas Technology Solutions found a proactive partner with local insight across Northern Europe

With operations in over 50 European countries (and more than 140 worldwide), Atlas Technology Solutions required a partner capable of addressing local needs and high demands for service, precision, and proactivity. Here, Sergi Felipe, Finance Director, discusses his ongoing collaboration with Accountor and the value of having an efficient and humane accounting firm.

Atlas Technology Solutions functions as an "employer of record"; a company that acts as the employer for organizations expanding internationally. As an EOR, Atlas Technology Solutions takes on the role of legal employer for all employees at the client company – particularly in employment-related matters such as payroll, taxes, benefits, and insurance.

Sergi Felipe is the company's Finance Director for Europe and America and his main focus is ensuring that all entities are compliant with local regulations and filing returns on time.

When Sergi started leading the regions he noticed that there had been important disconnections between the local accounting partners and the company. Considering their presence in around 50 European countries, Sergi had to start from scratch assessing the quality of the services received until that moment. After 3 or 4 months the conclusions were that the current partner had different priorities and they were neither proactive nor offering a good service, plus they were very expensive.

"I wanted a proactive partner who, for example, could inform us about upcoming changes or challenges that might affect our business before they occur", Sergi says.

In search of a provider meeting needs on multiple levels

Quality was the primary criterion in the search for a new partner, but Sergi also assessed providers based on price, references, and local presence. Their efficient chatbot was his initial contact with Accountor – and the continued dialogue with the company proved swift and helpful according to his needs. At the same time, Accountor's spread across the European market weighed heavily in his choice, as they operate in several countries where Atlas Technology Solutions are present.

"Accountor had competent consultants, and their pricing was also in line with my expectations. With all this considered, they proved a good choice," Sergi says.

Effective and proactive collaboration in several countries 

Since the collaboration began in 2020, Sergi has had a positive experience with Accountor regarding agility, efficiency, and proactivity. He appreciates their shared digital tools, such as the extranet, where they can easily upload documents and share information.

Atlas Technology Solutions benefits from Accountor across all of North Europe, and has also signed accounting and tax services in other countries, for example in the Netherlands.

He praises the consistent communication and quality of Accountor's work and their solution-oriented approach. Sergi also highlights his contact person, Jordanes Russom, who has been the same since the beginning of the partnership:

"Our advisor is incredibly responsive and proactive with a good eye for details, and we are also very much in sync regarding our mutual expectations. Considering our extensive operations across several countries, it has been extremely valuable that they know local regulations and have helped us maintain timely filings and other requirements. Accountor simplifies my daily work in many ways – and that's what we're paying for!" says Sergi with a smile. 

A human partner with great communication and transparency

Sergi further suggests that Accountor is particularly suitable for companies seeking a close partnership with a local and nearby provider that is still present across all of Northern Europe. They also maintain strong work ethics and clear transparency throughout their work. He appreciates that Accountor can always account for precisely what they have done and charge for. Above all, Sergi is pleased with their communication:

"The best thing about Accountor is the human aspect – the human touch. It feels like I'm talking to real people rather than just being another customer in their system. They are empathetic, show understanding for our situation, and always try to solve our problems," Sergi concludes.

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