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Accountor Grow kirjanpitopalvelun työnjako yrittäjän ja kirjanpitäjän välillä

A 12-year collaboration that freed up time and money for Lujabetong

Collaboration that freed up time and money. For a company that has grown steadily over the years, stable long-term partners are important.For a company that has grown at a steady pace over the years, stable long-term partners are important. When Lujabetong was established in 2004, their organisation in Sweden was small and lean. Yet as the company grew, so too did their need for external help in managing financial matters. In 2008 they chose to engage the assistance of Accountor, and today – twelve years later – this collaboration is stronger than ever.

Lujabetong produces and delivers ready-mixed concrete to construction sites in Stockholm. They have three factories – in Kungsängen, Vallentuna and Jordbro. Their relatively new CEO Sebastian Törner has only been working with Accountor for a year, but here he recounts how quickly the collaboration became important to him.

A payroll service that facilitated processes and saved time

With a full 12 years under its belt, the collaboration between Accountor and Lujabetong has changed according to the needs of the latter company – and Accountor now handles human resources management and payroll. Among other things, Lujabetong uses Flex stamping clocks. This has saved them a great deal of administration time, because they previously had no system for this. They have also asked Accountor for help with updating their personnel manual – an effort which is now in its early stages.

“We have a personnel manual which Accountor has helped to develop. It includes information about benefits, working hours, collective agreements and everything else relating to human resources issues, and is accessible to everyone in the company. The latest update is from 2016, so it's time to review it again,” explains Sebastian Törner.

Accountor’s rapid response time is impressive

Something that Sebastian Törner appreciates is having a single contact person who takes care of everything. This makes everything flow smoothly and efficiently.

“We have a contact person who we’re super happy with, and the whole collaboration works great. That’s a big reason why we stick with Accountor and have never needed or wanted to switch providers,” says Sebastian Törner.

For Sebastian Törner and Lujabetong, the most important thing is to be able to safely hand over responsibility for the entire payroll management process and know that everything will continue to function. He also tells us that their contact person, Neda, is a fantastic support who always responds extremely quickly to his questions or concerns.

“I scarcely have time to ask Neda a question before I get an answer!” laughs Sebastian Törner. “It's very efficient, and I never have to think that something might go wrong – so for us, the collaboration is absolutely invaluable.”

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