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Abolished tax exemption for the benefit of health care

In May, the Swedish parliament decided that private health care should no longer be a tax-free benefit. The amendment entered into force on 1 July. You, as a self-employed individual or as an employer should therefore urgently review the company's benefits package, if you have not already done so.

Marginal difference for the company, but noticeable to the employee

From 1 July, the company will calculate and pay employer's social security contributions, but the company can now also make income tax deductions for the costs. The difference in cost for the company therefore becomes marginal. However, for employees, the change can be felt - a tax expense of 30-50% of the benefit value (depending on the person's income level).

Insurance is also included in the amendment

In addition to direct costs for care, the change of legislation also includes health insurance and accident insurance taken in connection with employment. The benefit of the latter is valued at the cost to the employer in order to obtain the insurance.

Prevention efforts are more beneficial

The law change does not include occupational health care, preventive treatment and rehabilitation. The change can thus increase the incentives for employers to engage in more preventive measures, such as increased wellness contributions and ergonomic measures.

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