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Tax advice

Tax advice

Accountor can help you with tax advice on Swedish and international tax law. Your company has much to gain from keeping up with the development of the Swedish and international tax law. The regulations are not only complex and changing. If handled correctly, they can give you many opportunities.


Our tax advisors have many years of experience from the Swedish Tax Agency, accounting firms and listed companies. We are passionate about the issues, and are used to navigating the complex legal framework and bringing out all the possibilities for your company.

By letting Accountor’s tax advisors regularly go through your company's tax situation, you can be sure not to miss any benefits when new laws and regulations are introduced. In addition, you minimize the company's tax risk. Whether you want to review the whole tax situation or any specific issue, we are ready to help you.

With Accountor you get qualified tax advice and support regarding:
  • VAT
  • Close companies taxation
  • Forest and agricultural issues
  • Company generational change
  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • Transformation and restructuring
  • Tax reporting
  • Review of tax risks and establishment of company tax policy
  • Tax audits, tax processes and reassessments
  • Benefit taxation and social charges
  • International business taxation
  • Declarations for both businesses and individuals