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10 tips you can do for a more digital accounting and payroll administration in Sweden

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More and more people are discovering and exploring the possibility of working more digitally. Time efficiency, better environmental thinking and smoother processes are promised. Though it can be difficult to know which system to choose and which functions that are available - and above all what would suit your company. Below you find ten smart functions in digital accounting and payroll management you can use in Sweden that may help you figure out what you need.

1. 100% digital receipt and expense reporting

A clear favorite among the many possibilities to get a more digital accounting is a digital receipt tool. With such a solution, employees can take photos of their expenses (invoices, receipts)  and manage all reporting themselves via an app on their mobile phone or computer. There is no problem with different currencies as the tool also handles conversion of currencies automatically when an employee have made purchases abroad.

They may avoid printing unnecessary papers and stapling their physical receipts. The documents are stored digitally. A digital solution therefore not only saves an incredible amount of time and energy for the employees - but also benefits the environment. For example, we have Accountor Expense.

for the employees - but also benefits the environment. For example, we have Accountor Expense.

2. Automate the time and attendance registration

Use a pre-system for reporting time to the payroll system. You not only save time with a good pre-system, which can be integrated with your payroll system, but you also reduce the risk of manual input errors. Pre-systems can often, with various additions, also manage travel expenses, scheduling and report management. The pre system can be adapted so that all routines are in line with applicable laws and collective agreements.

3. Use the solution Kivra for your pay slips and digital receipts

GDPR has meant that e-mail no longer is an option for payroll statements. But instead of sending salary specifications to your employees by post, you can easily switch to delivering the salary statements digitally via Kivra. Kivra has quickly become a standard for secure handling of salary statements in Sweden. You can also switch from paper receipts and offer your customers digital receipts via Kivra for your payroll in Sweden.


4. Review integrations between the systems you are using

There may be opportunities for efficiency in the way you work, as the systems you use often can send information between each other. They can be integrated with your existing accounting or business system. In this way, information can automatically be transferred between the systems, without any manual intervention. Here, too, time is saved, and the risk of manual errors is reduced.  

5. Eliminate the manual handling of supplier invoices

Use a scanning service for your supplier invoices. Imagine that instead of handling invoices manually, you get them sent to you digitally. If someone else makes the accounting concerning the invoices, all you need do is to review them and attest. What a joy! You can do this easily by digitizing the handling of your invoices. The feature helps you save time and ensure that the process for your invoices becomes more secure.

6. Invoice management system

If you have many invoices, you can make your work more efficient by getting an invoice management system. A system where you can manage and certify all supplier invoices digitally. Invoice management refers to the entire process from receipt of the invoice, accounting, attestation until the invoice is booked in the business system. Ready for payment. With advanced programs, almost the entire process can be handled automatically.

7. Use e-invoices for customer invoices

By using e-invoicing, an invoice that is processed completely electronically and automatically by the recipient, you can streamline your invoicing. As no paper invoices are sent, it is also friendlier to the environment. Ask your provider of the accounting system if they support invoicing in PEPPOL.

8. Register for e-invoicing with your suppliers

You get increased control over the handling of your supplier invoices while using e-invoicing. You save time as your system receives the invoices and no manual registration is required. E-invoice according to PEPPOL is a format for the long-term in the digital world.

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9. Submit a digital annual report

Make sure your annual report is in XBRL format, then you can avoid unnecessary printing, but sign and submit it digitally. XBRL stands for "eXtensible Business Reporting Language” and is a standard format for financial reporting between different computer systems. Digital submission of the annual report is still voluntary. But a long-term goal for the Swedish Companies Registration Office and the Swedish government is for all annual reports to be digital.

10. Invest in a good information structure and clear processes

Successful digitalization requires a good information structure and good, clear and well-documented processes supporting the business. By setting very clear processes, you increase efficiency. Without structure and rules, information remains as unstructured as it was without digitalization. And then digitalization or robotization is not possible. The digital tools should only support and ideally automate all or large parts of these processes.

If you don't have the resources to take advantage of the above functions in digital accounting and payroll processing yourself, there is help available. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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