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More time to save the world with full-scale outsourcing

“More time to save the world”


About Mathias Bergman

Leisure interests: Archipelago life, sailing, skiing, singing, taking care of my apple trees.
Favourite music: Classical baroque music (such as Bach, Händel); Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart; Beatles, CCR, ABBA, The Real Group, Rajaton....
Favourite media: Newspapers, books. TV, Internet.
Education: I’m a biologist by training: I have a PhD and am a docent in molecular biology. 25 years’ experience of molecular biology research and cancer diagnostics and therapy development.

I am a middle-aged man with a mission:  I want to play a role in the transition from a linear consumption economy to a circular and sustainable economy. Right now, I am doing that by driving and developing the work of the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) together with my colleagues. I want all of us to realise that we are a part of the Earth’s biosphere and I want to be able to look myself in the eyes.

Customer story

It is completely natural for an organisation focused on the environment to want to work in an entirely digital world. It is not just efficient, but also environmentally friendly, and focuses on people and users. BSAG uses digital services and traditional accounting services from Accountor Group. Accountor Online, i.e. a package solution with both software as a service and personal service, is used. ProCountor for electronic accounting and Mepco for CRM makes the work easier in every country around the Baltic Sea and thanks to the full-scale outsourcing, BSAG can focus on its most important task, restoring the ecological balance in the Baltic Sea in a changing climate. As Mathias points out: “With well-functioning accounting processes outsourced to Accountor, we have more time to gather and manage commitments regarding the Baltic Sea.”

Using Accountor services

Full-scale outsourcing, including Accountor for accounting and payroll, Mepco for CRM and ProCountor for accounting software in every Nordic country.

About BSAG

Baltic Sea Action Group, BSAG (2008), is an independent foundation that works to restore the ecological balance in the Baltic Sea by bringing together resources from authorities, the private sector and the third-party sector. BSAG works to solve problems in the Baltic Sea, primarily by promoting sustainable management of nutrients. The collection of commitments that can directly or indirectly benefit the Baltic Sea is central to BSAG. BSAG is located in Helsinki and its activities cover the entire Baltic Sea region.

“BSAG has the goal of restoring the ecological balance in the Baltic Sea. This is achieved by focusing on nutrient cycles and, above all, stopping nutrient leakage. An important part of our work is also to make the problems in the Baltic Sea widely known, which is why we engage every level of society to offer solutions, primarily the business community,” says Mathias. BSAG is not a think-tank or the like, but rather a machine or engine that initiates concrete measures with clear goals and concrete results.

A commitment for the Baltic Sea

  • Is an action or process that has a positive effect, directly or indirectly, on the ecological balance in the Baltic Sea.
  • Is initiatives or measures that are new for the party making the commitment; already implemented measures are not accepted.
  • Is concrete with clearly defined subgoals.
  • Can be non-financial or financial.
  • Can be a direct measure, the provision of technology, know-how, services and improvements to processes.
  • A commitment in the Baltic Sea means new markets and business opportunities for participating companies. A good commitment benefits both the Baltic Sea and the party getting involved in a commitment: a real win-win situation.