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NTEX rated its payroll management collaboration with Accountor ‘10 out of 10’

A successful payroll management collaboration

Payroll management collaboration - For NTEX, its six-year collaboration with Accountor has been a great success – and not just in terms of increased efficiency. They have found their perfect match in payroll consultant Ann-Louise, whose expertise led NTEX to give Accountor a full ‘10 out of 10’ rating in customer satisfaction. Here’s what the collaboration has entailed!

NTEX is a privately owned logistics company founded in Gothenburg in 2003. Today they have locations all over the world, and most of their traffic is to England and the continent. They currently have five offices in Sweden and four in England, plus one office each in Norway, Poland, Germany and the Baltic states.

A trustworthy partner and mutual growth 

NTEX Quality Manager Peter Åberg says that Accountor’s responsiveness ensures that everything works seamlessly all the time and that this is one of the most important factors in this successful collaboration. When he joined NTEX in 2012, the company had about 55 employees and had already engaged Accountor as its payroll administrator. Today Accountor handles everything related to NTEX’s payroll management, and they use Hogia Payroll and HR Boxen. As the company grew, the expansion of its collaboration with Accountor was a matter of course.

“We’ve gone from 55 employees to 175, and if I, as the Director of HR, were to try to manage the salaries as well? No, that would never work!” laughs Peter Åberg. 

Since the very beginning, Accountor has been entrusted with all payroll management. Before NTEX started its collaboration with Accountor, they had not received any external help, and they have never considered switching providers since.

Invaluable and expert payroll assistance 

When it comes to payroll management, there is a lot of critical information to keep track of – including qualifying and sick days, taxes and government requirements. Accountor ensures that NTEX is on top of it all. Peter Åberg says that he often contacts Accountor with questions. and that he always receives the help he needs, no matter how large or small the task. 

“There are no stupid questions when I get in touch with Accountor, which is so nice. They give me feedback on every question I ask, make sure that everything is done correctly with regards to the authorities and our employees – and that's what it's all about,” explains Peter Åberg. 

Accountor is currently also working to further streamline the company through the implementation of HRM Time and Travel from Flex Classic Time and Travel. Through these apps, employees at NTEX who travel frequently can handle travel expense reports and submit receipts digitally via scanning on their mobile devices. This will save time and make things easier for everyone involved. 

A collaboration whose keywords are simplicity and freedom

Peter Åberg has the freedom to log into the systems and access all his employees whenever he wants. He can monitor whether someone has worked overtime or check how many holiday days an employee has used, should anyone ask. Although he trusts Accountor completely, is an important part of the collaboration that he still be able to have his own overview.

“The simplicity of working with an external party that gives us 100 percent freedom to completely hand over the reins in this area, but still have full access – it's priceless to us!” says Peter Åberg. “I feel so safe and secure with Ann-Louise and Accountor.”

Peter is in contact with Accountor a few times a week, but for obvious reasons these interactions are more frequent at the end of each month. He says that he appreciates the streamlining suggestions with which Accountor provides him, and that he feels well taken care of, even if he feels that the prices they present are too expensive. When this is the case, Accountor takes him seriously, respects his opinion, and finds another solution that fits the company better. 

“They’re always there in the background, and make sure everything just works. For me, Accountor is like my right hand – I couldn't do without them,” concludes Peter Åberg.

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