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Accountor Sweden selected Top 10 employer

Topp 10 - In Sweden Accountor has been selected among the top 10 employers preferred by young professionals working in Finance.

The ranking was made in a survey among the ‘Swedish Career Companies’ this year. More than 1300 young professionals, 25 to 40 years old, with academic or post-secondary studies and working within Finance selected the most attractive employers to work for and to pursue their career with. You find Accountor on the top 10 list together with some very well-known Swedish Employer Brands.

“To be an attractive employer is important. We have been working consistently on our employer branding both internally and externally. Accountor has also been selected a “Career company” in Sweden 5 years in a row. I believe that these both have helped to increase the knowledge of us as a desirable employer. I am very happy for this recognition and proud of our a+ team”, says Sofia Bley Claesson, Head of HR in Sweden. 


Top 10 among young professionals