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Kvalificerad momsrådgivning

Qualified VAT consulting, do you need support from a VAT consultant?

Accountor has experienced consultants who can offer support within qualified VAT consultancy, you are welcome to ask them as soon as you get an inquiry. VAT covers a large area, and its management can have a large impact on the company. To clarify how we can help, we lift a few examples below. 

Areas where questions on correct VAT management often arise:
•    Whether VAT is needed for invoices for companies established in several countries.
•    Adjustment of VAT on investment for which the Swedish Tax Agency may demand repayment
•    VAT investigation (international transactions, third party trade valid/invalid, confirm VAT-free sales).
•    Reimbursement of locally debited foreign VAT.
•    Where to tax different goods and services within the EU.
•    Reporting of sold goods and services to other EU countries.
•    Reverse duty of taxation within the construction industry.
•    VAT management within a Group, restructuring after purchase, selling, or fusion of companies.
•    Tort management.
•    Transactions of large sums characterized by a company’s own assessment duty before examination and decision by the Swedish Tax Agency.

Quality control
Quality control of VAT declarations before delivery to the Swedish Tax Agency through review of underlying invoices and agreements.

Delivery of tax memos for larger investigations
•    Your responsibilities as a company/entrepreneur – correct VAT management, periodic summaries, and Intrastat reporting towards Statistics Sweden.
•    Tax consequences – by insufficient documentation, updated agreements that should be available, documentation of allocation formulae by so-called “mixed activities” etc.
•    Drafting of responses to inquiries by the Swedish Tax Agency.
•    Assessment of whether a company should request a reassessment or appeal to administrative courts responses/appeals have been drafted.
•    Handling processes where the Swedish Tax Agency commences tax audits of a company by accompanying to meetings with tax accountants and answering written inquiries from the Swedish Tax Agency.

Delivery – advance notice/written inquiry 
Accountor takes responsibility for formulating the relevant fiscal question after consulting the customer. This is to minimize the risk of tax surcharge regarding assessment questions where it is impossible to know in advance which assessment the Swedish Tax Agency will settle on.

Delivery – answer current questions on VAT
by certain transactions
Discuss and guarantee correct handling of current VAT inquiries based on relevant VAT legislation and EU praxis via telephone support, e-mail, or meetings.

Do you need more help?
To the extent that a VAT investigation leads to questions where local adaptation of EU VAT directives needs to be taken into consideration or there is a need for a VAT representative from another Nordic country, Accountor collaborates with local offices in each country. 

•    We have senior consultants who can focus on complex tax areas and stay updated on current praxis.
•    Services are adapted according to the company’s needs, from a short reconciliation to a written investigation.
•    External second opinion.

Fits companies that:
•    Want to guarantee compliance with local Swedish tax legislation following relevant EU law and not be afflicted by any unnecessary tax surcharge.
•    Want to guarantee smooth and quick communication with the Swedish Tax Agency.