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Interim enabled Saab Bofors Test Center's urgent need for purchase invoicing to be solved quickly

A sudden sick leave resulted in an urgent need for Saab Bofors Test Center. Accountor was able to help, however, and immediately appointed a consultant who familiarized himself with the business remotely.

Accountor was contacted when conditions changed due to sick leave

Since 1886, the Saab Bofors Test Center in Karlskoga has ensured that weapons, weapon systems and ammunition meet high standards and that expired explosives are destroyed under controlled conditions. At their firing range and environmental durability laboratory, products are subjected to extreme conditions, including cold, heat and shock, to ensure they live up to expectations.

Maria Dahlström has worked as a financial manager at Saab Bofors Test Center since 2005 and was the one who contacted Accountor in March 2021 when a sick leave led to rapidly changing conditions within the organization. Maria already knew Adminson in Karlskoga (which, after being acquired by PBK Consulting in 2010, became Accountor in 2014), and got in touch right away.

"We are only three people in the finance department, and although we were initially able to cover ourselves, I soon realized that we needed assistance as we did not know how long the sick leave would be," Maria tells.

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Interim - the importance of getting someone in right away

Maria came into contact with Camilla Witt Rudström at Accountor when they were looking for a person locally. But even though there was no one available in Karlskoga at the time, accountant Frida Warych was quickly able to come in remotely from Skåne. 

"It went very quickly from the time I contacted Accountor to the time we got help and Frida started working. It's not easy to get to know a business so quickly, but it has really worked well, and Frida has been very nice and cooperative", Maria says.

From urgent need to year-long contract

At Saab Bofors Test Center they work in Pyramid, a system that Maria's colleague trained Frida in. The training went quickly and today Frida is largely self-sufficient, and despite the fact that they do not see each other and all work is done remotely, it has worked well.

Frida Warych has mainly taken over purchase invoicing and works 25 hours a week, a contract that has been extended until the end of the year. For Maria, it is nice to know that they have help throughout the year, but at the same time it feels safe with a month's notice as she still does not know when her colleague will return.

"Accountor solved my problem quickly and smoothly. The sudden uncertainty that arose was quickly resolved by the fact that Accountor could immediately meet our needs," Maria concludes. 

Interview conducted in 2021.

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