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A professional financial partner was crucial for Botkyrka Stadsnät

For us at Botkyrka Stadsnät, it was crucial to have a professional financial partner when we chose to outsource payroll and accounting to Accountor.

Botkyrka Stadsnät

Industry: Infrastructure, telecom
Ownership type: Municipal limited company
Services at Accountor: Accounting and payroll management
Turnover: SEK 53 million
Number of employees: 11
Locations: Botkyrka municipality
Accountor customer since: 2013

About Botkyrka Stadsnät

Botkyrka Stadsnät is a municipally owned company that was founded in 2008 with the mission to build out and be responsible for a digital infrastructure in Botkyrka municipality. Since its establishment, Stadsnät has dug and laid more than 68,200 km of fiber cable and connects households in houses and apartments, all municipal activities and companies established within the municipality.

The network is an open fiber network, which means that it is possible for several players to deliver Internet, TV and telephony services via broadband. In addition to this, dark fiber and deployment are also offered for operators and business customers.

Botkyrka Stadsnät quality assures all deliveries and builds according to the Robust fiber technology to ensure high delivery reliability and capacity to all customers, both now and in the future.

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The problem

Botkyrka Stadsnät was previously part of a larger municipal company. When the company was to be spun off, they looked at possible alternatives for how, among other things, finances would be handled and then chose an outsourcing solution through Accountor, which has continued since then.

The solution

Outsourcing of accounting and payroll

The result

Since we started the collaboration, Botkyrka Stadsnät has experienced great benefits through the collaboration with Accountor. It is crucial to have a professional financial partner, in order to have a well-functioning financial function in a company with a smaller organization.

At present, Botkyrka Stadsnät has contact with three consultants at Accountor; one for payroll, one for accounts receivable and payable and one for accounting, which works very well. An outsourced solution does not really mean any major difference compared to having the staff sitting in their own office. It is mainly that communication takes place digitally and over the phone instead of in an office environment.  

Interview conducted in 2018.

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