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Purchase Invoicing

Purchase Invoicing - Accounts payable

Accounts payable - Accountor provides purchase invoicing, a complete solution for digital processing of supplier invoices as a packaged service. We handle the entire process from scanning and interpretation of the invoice to the final booking in your financial or ERP system. We also handle the conversion of electronic invoices.

By handling your Accounts Payable, we help you gain control and get more time for other things, such as your important projects. We can help you save time, money and resources. As a customer of ours, we provide efficient, digitized processes for managing your payment of supplier invoices.

We will handle all preparatory work - all you need to do is look over and approve your invoices online.

Advantages outsourcing your Accounts payable:
  • Increased control over the handling of supplier invoices
  • More efficient and quicker flow from arrival to payment
  • Less vulnerable
  • Higher availability of the invoices
  • Smoother monthly financial statements
  • Variable cost
  • Access to support via email and telephone
  • Secure storage of invoices
  • Cloud services, customer resource management, consulting
  • Comprehensive service for your handling of supplier invoices

Comprehensive service for your handling Accounts payable

Accountor will manage the system and the technology solutions and provide extensive support services and "know-how". We offer an active and strategic partnership that gives you continuous improvement and streamlining. Our team of experienced specialists are your needs and are always ready to answer questions. Through actively developing reference matches, budgetary lining and automated approval flows, etc., we increase your efficiency.

Always available

The system is web based and no installation is required to process invoices. Almost all types of computers, tablets and smartphones are supported and all that is required is an internet connection.

Efficient and flexible 

The goal is for you to minimize your commitment and ensure the function whether planned or unplanned personnel and volume changes. The system is customized based on your organizational structure and approval procedure.

Overall process handling the Accounts payable

Accountor provide a billing address to which all invoices sent. The invoices are scanned, interpreted and archived. The corresponding process applies to other media such as EDI and PDF invoices. After scanning and interpretation made quality controls. Coding and flow suggestions can be added according to your wishes. When an invoice is ready handled information is transferred to your accounting system of payment in the usual way. The service can also be expanded to include payments through bank file.

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