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Tailor-made solutions

Magnus Andersson stepped into his role as CEO of Icio ten years ago and at that time Accountor was already the company's partner in payroll and accounting - a collaboration that was established already in 2008. Although a lot has happened over the years at both Icio and Accountor, it has not been relevant for Magnus to change partners over the past decade. The collaboration has developed positively and continuously streamlined. Today it is stable and secure for both parties.

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12 years of trust in payroll management and accounting

Icio has been using Accountor for twelve years to manage payroll and accounting. The solution they have today is a result of many years of collaboration and tailor-made solutions in dialogue between both parties. The fact that Accountor has taken the time to create effective solutions is something that Magnus Andersson appreciates:

"The solution we have today has saved us a lot of time and money and the collaboration works just as well year after year".

A collaboration that has gone in a positive direction

The cooperation has only improved over the years, largely due to the fact that it has become more efficient. Magnus Andersson's personal contact person at Accountor has been very important for him and for the entire collaboration. They have a close dialog and talk to each other several times a week - by phone and email.

"The collaboration has developed in a positive direction thanks to fewer staff exchanges at Accountor. We have a much closer dialog with our customer contact now than before, which feels very safe and good," Magnus Andersson explains.

The best thing about Accountor as a partner

It speaks volumes when a company chooses to outsource payroll and accounting to one and the same supplier for so many years - especially when there are so many other suppliers on the market. But when everything works well and there is mutual trust between the parties, there is no reason to change.

"The best thing about Accountor as a partner is that they are reliable, always respond quickly and they do the job well! It has everything needed and we are very satisfied,"  Magnus Andersson concludes.

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