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HR services & software

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HR and Payroll services

Are you missing HR or payroll expertise in your company? We offer HR services for the sudden need and as an fulltime outsourcing service. Get the best know-how and pay only for the work that is done. Our offering includes payroll service and HR's in-house service where an HR specialist works as part of your organization. Use our recruitment services for doing the recruiting for you - wholly or partly.
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Consulting and developing HR work and management

Our consulting and developing services help you to solve the problems in HR work and management. Our leadership and team work development services and management consulting and training can help your organization to get back on track.
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Training and coaching

Take advantage of inclusive, experiential, and solution-centered methods of coaching for supervisors and the work community when your goal is to bring the work community's productivity to a new level. We offer also online trainings about financial management and payroll. With the help of the online trainings you keep up with changes in the industry and develop your skills at your own pace.
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Payroll and HR management software

Mepco solution is the only software that can do payroll, HR management and the recruiting without any separate integrations. The solution works for all companies despite the size or the industry of the company in private or public sector.
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Work time solutions

Our solution for work shift planning make the human resource planning and controlling efficient. With the solutions you can digitalize the whole process from work shift planning to the payroll successfully. Our solutions for work shift planning are MaraPlan and TyövuoroVelho.
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Staff- and customer experience researches and pulse surveys

With our research services you will get the data that can help you to lead your organization to the wanted direction. We offer you employee and customer researches and pulse surveys.