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Welcome to Accountor Netherlands

Accountor is everything but an ordinary multi-disciplinary services company. Across our group we offer financial, payroll, IT and HR services, to develop the right processes, place the right people and structures in the right place, and do the right things with the best possible tools and software. 

With more than 2500 colleagues across 8 countries and over 100 offices, our core idea of Leaderment develops not only our customers business and results, but also our own.

In the Netherlands we have an office in Nieuwegein from which we serve our customers. We are now with 40 employees, working for customers from various industries and always tailored to the needs of the customer.

We create Flow

We want our customers to experience that we do not just work or just provide software solutions. We are there to take responsibility and to create a flow for our customers.
Because we like to work for our customers. Actually, it is our passion for your results.
Interested in our products contact us.