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Accountor Denmark

Who are we?

We are the largest finance- and employee administration consultancy company in the northern Europe with 2300 employees and more then 150.000 customers on a global level. In Denmark we employ approx. 100 people.

We help you run your financial management, payroll administration and HR better

We create time, growth and structure for your people. We are forerunners in Finance and HR – software and services and have passion for results.... Watch our short video: We are Accountor!  

Accounting and HR - Accountor Denmark

Temporary assistance in your finance department

Do you need a temporary assistant to help you with finance, payroll and bookkeeping?
Accounting and HR - Accountor Denmark

HR assistance

Does your company need assistance within HR? Accountor outsources experienced HR consultants on a project basis
Accounting and HR - Accountor Denmark


Looking for the right employees for finance and HR? Our database consists of the best candidates

Do you need help with accounting, payrolladministration or HR? Fill out the form below and we will contact you.