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Accountor continues to strengthen its position as the leading financial management service provider in Finland with a new acquisition – Tilitoimisto Eri tilit Oy’s business transferred to Accountor

In accordance with its growth strategy, Accountor has acquired the account and payroll business of Tilitoimisto Eri tilit Oy on 1.9.2021. The transaction further strengthens Accountor's position as the leading financial services provider in the Nordic countries together with the acquisitions of Pohjanmaan Ekonomitoimisto and Tietokauha in Finland, and Anylator in Sweden in July. The combined annual turnover of these four acquisitions is close to 11 million euros.

“For several years now, we have invested heavily in customer-oriented service processes, as well as in the modern technology and automation that support them. With our new way of working, we offer more advanced and high-quality services to all our customers, in the future also to Tilitoimisto Eri tilit Oy's current customers,” says Niklas Sonkin, Accountor's CEO, and at the same time welcomes Tilitoimisto Eri tilit Oy's expert employees to Accountor.

Pirkko Juntunen, Managing Director of Tilitoimisto Eri tilit Oy, and all its employees will continue to work at Accountor. Current customers will immediately benefit from Accountor’s extensive offering and network of experts.

“Accountor is a desirable partner for us with extensive and strong expertise in financial and payroll administration, and tax advisory. Together, we can develop and grow our business and further improve our offering. Our accountants and customers benefit, for example, from the expertise of Accountor's more than 30 authorized Netvisor experts,” says Juntunen.

Tilitoimisto Eri tilit Oy operates in Helsinki. Through the acquisition, Accountor will further strengthen its position in the Helsinki metropolitan area with new specialists and expertise. Accountor, which has grown rapidly in recent years, aims to be close to its customers with a nationwide office network.