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RPA automation with RPA academy

Accountor Denmark accelerates robot automation with RPA academy

“Accountor continuously works with automation. With the RPA technology, we have experienced fast results,” says Accountor Denmark’s Managing Director Karsten Heiselberg. “To further accelerate the robot automation, we decided at the end of 2020 to launch an RPA Academy.” 

From March until mid-September, the strengthened RPA team has automated nearly 20 new processes. Together with the Payroll Academy, the RPA Academy is the most important business development in Accountor Denmark in the past three years.

Agile learning and dedicated trainees  

The philosophy behind the RPA Academy was an agile learning process. It consisted of real cases supported by a 4- week training program with close supervision from Accountors experts and our external partner. The learning curve has been very steep with high motivation and drive.

Accountor Denmark was looking for candidates who had a strong interest in IT demonstrated by being updated with the latest development. They considered equally important a strong personal drive to learn and develop as well as engage with stakeholders as the RPA trainee works closely together with experts within payroll and accounting to understand the processes to be automated.

RPA journey is win-win for all

The RPA Academy participants, RPA trainees Julius Bendixen and Fredrich Pedersen are exited about   the program. They both feel that they have learned a lot and are motivated to continue learning and developing the automation.

“I appreciate the trust I have been met with. It has been very motivating and meaningful to see, that the robots we have built make a positive difference for the payroll consultants,” tells Frederich Pedersen.

Accountor Denmark’s COO Christian Stensberg is very glad about the decision to launch the RPA Academy.

“In addition to the fast development, the RPA trainees challenge me with their questions about our operations, which is a very important contribution to further accelerate our digitalization,”

 The investment in the RPA Academy has been a win-win for all stakeholders in Accountor Denmark.“We can continue to deliver high quality to our customers with an attractive price, our payroll consultants can focus on new customers or implementation of new legislation. In addition, the RPA trainees have gained a lot of learning”, says Heiselberg. 


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