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Accountor engages supply chain in sustainable activities to ensure sustainable business

Accountor is your trusted partner in financial and HR management solutions and services, committed to sustainable and responsible business practices. As part of it, we have systematically focused on making more and more sustainable purchasing decisions every day. 

For engaging our suppliers to contribute, we have set sustainability standard and targets for our procurement activities, introduced a Code of Conduct for Suppliers as well as sustainability audit. The Code of Conduct for Suppliers demonstrates our dedication to turning our sustainability principles into action. We want to be clear about our commitment with high information security and privacy standard, and preventing modern slavery and human trafficking along with minimising environmental impact in our supply chain.

We have set a target to conduct a sustainability audit for our 20 biggest suppliers by the end of 2023. In addition, our target is to expand the audits and obligate all our new suppliers to approve the Code of Conduct for Suppliers as a prerequisite of our collaboration. Only together can we achieve truly ethical business and set the standard for a more sustainable world.

Decreasing carbon emissions together with our partners

Accountor is systematically increasing share of carbon free electricity purchases since 2022. We have decreased our carbon emissions by working with our office landlords and electricity service providers. 

In addition, we have introduced a new central supplier for our data centres. It enables transforming 70% of the data centre capacity to be produced with carbon free energy.