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Accountor information security

Accountor has further strengthened its information security

We serve our customers in an even more secure manner.

Accountor is devoted to develop its security processes in order to provide the utmost security for its customers.

Accountor’s existing customer with legitimate access rights noticed a vulnerability in one of the user directories. The vulnerability was difficult to locate. It was detected on Monday 28th of January. Immediate investigations of the incident confirmed that no business secrets were accessed and the corrective actions of the security settings were completed already the next day, on Tuesday 29th of January. As a result, Accountor was able to mitigate the risk quickly with an increased security level within the service.

“This incident enabled us to further develop our security processes. We conducted a wide investigation with an external cyber security partner and we have further strengthened our server environment and will continue our work to increase our visibility to prevent and detect such vulnerabilities,” says CEO Niklas Sonkin.

Accountor is continuously developing its information security. External cyber security partners are used on regular basis and audits are conducted to assess the environment.

We take all security issues very seriously and are committed to offer secure services and systems also in the future.

We are thankful for our active customers for all collaboration in this common goal to prevent all security related attacks and improve our security standards further.

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