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Tuomas Muurikainen Accountor

Accountor has grown during the past year into Visma Netvisor Premium partner

Accountor has increased its ability to provide financial management services with Visma Netvisor and has grown over the past year to become a Netvisor Premium partner. Accountor and Visma Solutions Oy have agreed on a Premium-level accounting firm partnership. Through the cooperation, Accountor Services Oy also offers its financial services to customers with Netvisor software. With more than 30,000 companies and organizations using Netvisor is now available to more and more companies for their financial management.

“It is important for us to build our service package specifically on the basis of customer needs and to be able to take into account the customers’ different software needs. We are very excited about the Netvisor collaboration. It opens up our versatile services to also companies for which Netvisor is the most practical software solution based on needs or preferences. This will further increase our ability to help customers with different needs and thus also improve the customer experience, which is very important to us,” says Tuomas Muurikainen, Accountor's Sales and Marketing Director.

During the past year, Accountor has grown with its Netvisor expertise towards a Premium partnership and is now joining Visma Netvisor's nationwide partner network through the accounting firm partnership. Netvisor's advanced software ecosystem and Accountor's extensive service network creates financial management solutions that adapt to the needs of companies of all sizes, releasing time for companies' core operations.

"We are very pleased to deepen our partnership with Accountor, that is a long-standing player in the industry. Our mission at Visma Solutions is to help Finnish companies seize the opportunities of the rapidly advancing digitalisation. With our partnership we can help more and more companies focus on growth and development in addition to software-automated processes,” says Jarkko Iitiä, Netvisor Product Director of Visma Solutions Oy.

"We set the bar high, prepared well and are now even more prepared to serve our customers on Netvisor. Accountor has increased its Netvisor expertise, especially with the acquisitions in July and August, and ensured that our advanced practices also adapt well to Netvisor. Our customers will therefore enjoy Accountor's high-quality services throughout Finland,” says Hanne Duran, Accountor's Development Director.

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