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Uudistu kanssamme

Accountor shows that it cares about personnel during corona pandemic

Accountor’s employees – the Accountorians – have been working and acting in a smart way during the covid-19 pandemic from its beginning. We want to take care of all our a+ team members and help them to stay safe while the pandemic continues.

Therefore, during the past few weeks each of the 2500 Accountorians in all the seven countries that Accountor operates in have received two face masks delivered to their homes. They can use the masks while traveling to or from their office, or anywhere they personally want to stay safe.

The reusable and durable face masks are ethical and ecological while they are close to a mask that fulfills medical criteria. They are made by Globe Hope, a Finnish design house who makes bags and accessories of recycled and leftover materials.

By contributing in our personnel’s safety and health, we want to show that we care about our valuable personnel and their loved ones. It is also one way to ensure that we can continue to serve our customers in this exceptional time.

We wish a safe autumn for all!