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Accountor strengthens its position in the Nordics with an acquisition in Sweden – Alium Ekonomi AB becomes part of Accountor

To support its growth strategy, Accountor has acquired Alium Ekonomi AB in Sweden on 18.1.2023. Alium Ekonomi offers accounting, payroll and consulting services mainly to small and medium-sized companies.

Along with this, Accountor has completed 23 M&As since 2018 in Finland, Denmark, and Sweden. They strengthen Accountor's position as the leading financial management service provider in the Nordics.

“This acquisition is in line with our growth strategy. The transformation of our industry requires ever-deepening digitalisation expertise. For several years now, we have invested heavily in customer-oriented service processes, as well as the modern technology and automation that support them. Our goal is to strengthen our leading position in our industry and, above all, to help our every customer succeed in each of our operating countries,” says Niklas Sonkin, Accountor’s President and CEO.

The financial management field is developing rapidly, and Accountor is a forerunner in creating services and software for companies of all sizes, so that they can keep up with the development.

“We want to help our customers succeed and therefore need to continue to develop. Accountor supports us to speed up this development. In addition, Accountor brings important competence in IT security and digitalisation. I think we complement each other and together we can provide our employees more opportunities”, tells Pernilla Lindeborg, CEO of Alium Ekonomi.

At the same time, Accountor offers Alium Ekonomi's customers a wide array of services, such as a comprehensive range of advisory services.

“It is great to welcome Alium Ekonomi to Accountor. It is a well-managed financial services company that has grown and developed continuously. It also has goals and vision that are in line with ours and, like Accountor, they also focus on the customer value. In addition to Alium’s professional accountants and payroll accountants, we get special expertise in taxation. I am very happy that the current CEO Pernilla Lindeberg will continue with us, because the advisory services will continue to be important”, says Magnus Högvall, Managing Director of Accountor Sweden.